​​​Son of the Great King

Chapter 5

A couple months after being married I was at home with the day off, but my new wife was working late because of some big legal case. Anyway, I took that opportunity to spend the entire day in prayer and worship to God. I remember the day had gone by quickly because the presence of the Lord had been so sweet and peaceful. As the evening approached I got a call from my beloved asking me to pick her up from work as she was going to miss the express bus out of Seattle and didn’t want to take the longer more unpleasant ride home. An hour or so after her call I jumped in my car and drove to Seattle. I remember specifically that during my half hour drive to Seattle I didn’t pray or think about God at all, it was a just a mindless drive.

So with no thought on God what so ever, I stepped out of the elevator and knocked on the law firm’s door. My beautiful wife greeted me with a smile and welcomed me in. As soon as I crossed the threshold of the door the power of God fell on me like take a ton of bricks. It was as if someone plugged me into a light socket. It is very hard to explain except to say, it felt as if power was radiating off every inch of my skin and pouring out of my hands. From that day until the moment of this writing I have never experienced the power of God on me so powerfully. It was defiantly special as I’ll now explain.

As I entered and stood in the hall, I remember saying something like woe! What is going on! Giovanna turned around and looked at me saying, “what is it?” I explained to her that Gods power just fell on me for some reason and I was baffled as to why. She was amused and interested but busy and wanting to finish up go home. She said, that she “would still be another half hour or so” and also that “we were the only ones in the firm.” I said, “ok” but also commented that I didn’t know why God was doing this so I would just walk around and pray throughout the firm. Since the firm was empty I took advantage of it and stepped into a few offices and laid my hands on a few of the attorneys’ chairs and said a quick prayer for each one. I thought maybe God was using me to pray for some purpose?

After making my way throughout the firm I was at a complete loss of what to do next so I began to look for my wife. It had been about 45 minutes or so since I had left her and I found her at the copy machine finishing up. At that point God’s power had not lifted from me at all but that was about to change. I don’t know how but somehow in the midst of our conversation about what God was doing with me, the subject changed to Giovanna telling me that one of the top attorneys in the firm makes about 350.00 dollars an hour. When she told me that I remember feeling extremely envious of this attorney because I only making $9.00 an hour. I was more than just envious, I was actually in awe of it.

Well, the next morning I woke up with a massive cold sore on my lip. Now, I got a cold sore once every few years since childhood but nothing like this monstrosity. I was freaked out to say the least. As Giovanna left for work I fell on my face before God and asked what was going on, and why did this happened to me?  Within moments He was walking me through the events of the night before. He reminded me of my bewilderment as to why He threw down His power on me. He then showed me my heart when, that women He had given me, (told me to eat the fruit) told me how much money that attorney makes. Essentially, I had despised and quenched the Holy Spirit by filling my heart with envy. I had replaced the awe that I felt when His power of fell on me with the awe of money and wages. I felt sick to my stomach at this realization. If only I would have known that in all that God does with a man it’s only to test his heart. If I would have understood that fact, then maybe, just maybe I could have passed the test when He threw down His power on me. What was I thinking! The rich man didn’t need God, he trusted in his money. Indeed, his money was and is his consolation in this life. God was concerned about me, the poor man, who was rich in faith. I was the man who sought Him for all things, the man who lived pay check to pay check, and looked to His Son, Jesus for his next meal both spiritual and physical.

As I wept before the Lord my heart was in anguish for my insolence, I felt like a traitor. I had betrayed the Holy Spirit for money. It’s a good thing the Apostle Peter wasn’t around to ask me questions, I would have died like Ananias and his wife Sapharia. The word of God had proven true, “He yearns jealously over the spirit that He has made to dwell in us” If God yearns jealously over my spirit that he made, in order to give life to my mortal body, how much more the eternal Spirit who enables Him to subject all things to Himself.

I begged Jesus to forgive this insolent son of His and to finish my beating quickly, He relented and restored me. Truly, I tell you, by the time my wife got home from work, that huge festering, swollen, blistering lip was restored to new. I was completely healed. I was in awe once again and rejoiced with tears. My sin was forgiven and my body was healed. I knew from that point on when I got sick, it was because I did not treat Him as Holy, that my sin was against Him and He was angry with me.

As you will see I provoked God to anger once again in Mexico, when He sent me to the monsters of the west (los Zeta Mexican drug cartel), and for a third time after getting home from my mission to Syria (ISIS), the monsters of the east.